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After much consideration of different companies to purchase a Charcoal Pig Cooker, Dr. Kristoffa chose the PigOut Charcoal Roaster for it's outstanding motor weight capiblities and quality along with the presentation of the Pig Cooker.
Perfection the first time!
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J's Kitchen Catering offers the only food catering service in my Bonnyville, Alberta serving Filipino cuisine and of course Pig Roast catering. Invite your friends and family and let J's Kitchen Catering do the rest. Learn the reasons why J's Kitchen Catering chose PigOut Roasters!
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Allow plenty of time for Roasting, approx 1 hour per 10lb, this will vary depending upon outside temperature, type of charcoal used, wind and the height setting of your pig on the Rotisserie.
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A Luau is a great theme, the girls get pretty with their floral leis, the guys get loud with their Hawaiian shirts.
Here are some tips on arranging a Backyard Luau Party on a Budget.
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Before deciding which system you wish to use you may want to consider the differences: Roasting over open coals can take twice as long as it does inside a propane roaster and you will need to be on hand to top up your fire with pre-heated coals ever hour to ensure that you get even cooking and crispy skin.
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Boning and seasoning the Porchetta a Special thanks to Cook Out Roasters
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In A Box

This is just one example of what a PigOut Roaster can do for you.
You have the dream, make it a reality, create WOW for your guests and start making money roasting now!