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A Catering Necessity - Tabletop Sneeze Guard

A Catering Necessity - Tabletop Sneeze Guard
A Catering Necessity - Tabletop Sneeze Guard

            Today is a shorter posting but important none the less. We will be going over how sneeze guards play a pivotal role in the food service/catering industry. Sneeze guards ensure you uphold the highest level of cleanliness by preventing contamination. Our sneeze guards have been designed through trial and error to ensure the most coverage and highest level of protection while incorporating a low profile to be visually pleasing. We will be going through the benefits of sneeze guards and how to use them.

            Why would anyone use sneeze guards? Well as I mentioned above the main reason is to prevent contamination. In a serving line there is a lot going on thus leading to a higher chance of food contamination. Another reason is due to health and safety regulations. Some events and locations may have strict regulations which would require some form of barrier between guests and the food being served. If this is the case, you must use sneeze guards to abide by these regulations. Overall, it is a good practise to use sneeze guards especially post pandemic. There is a greater understanding of how important it is to prevent food contamination and ensure cleanliness. It will also give piece of mind for customers and vendors leading to higher satisfaction levels for everyone. In North America from November-April it is cold and flu season as the tempuratures drop and people stay inside more. These coming months are a perfect example of why sneeze guards are so important even if a global pandemic is not occuring. 

            Using our Sneeze Guards couldn’t be easier. They are lightweight, easy to break down, and even easier to set up. Easy to use and incredibly strong screw clamps secure the stainless-steel uprights on to tables 0.5”-3.5” in thickness. Installing the clear plexiglass is as simple as sliding it into tracks on both uprights. That’s it. No special tools. No instruction manual. No construction experience required. We made it this way because set up and clean up should be easy and pain free.

            Even if you don’t use sneeze guards at every event, they are a must have in your equipment arsenal. Our Sneeze Guards are proven to reduce contamination while creating the perfect final touch in your buffet line. They are easy to use, travel with, and look sleek on top of being highly effective. A pair of our in-house designed PigOut sneeze guards are in your future. They can be found on our website here!

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