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PigOut Propane Roaster - Not just For Pigs

PigOut Propane Roaster - Not just For Pigs

How valuable is a tool that can only be used for one thing in the foodservice industry where versatility is king? Specifically with catering where space, time, and other resources are limited you need equipment to be versatile. Your equipment must provide the highest level of utility to justify purchasing it and making that investment for your business. In today’s blog we will be going over every use case for our Propane Roaster along with how the roaster is not limited to cooking just pigs.  

For example, if you are a BBQ caterer and your main piece of equipment is a BBQ then all yo can do is grill. There is only one situation or use case where you can extract value from that piece of equipment, and this is when you are grilling. This implies that for some jobs it will be sitting idle or only used for part of the event, meaning there is lost potential. In most cases if you are cooking for a large group (100+ people) you will need to hot hold and prepare plates. In this case you will need more equipment, space, and people on top of your BBQ to complete the job.

A PigOut Propane Roaster has three functions built in to one machine. I will be going over each of them in depth and explaining why this one piece of equipment can replace your existing cookers, serving stations, and prep stations (carving station). To start, a PigOut Propane Roaster can replace big and bulky equipment such as smokers, grills, and flat tops. Our Propane Roaster has a compact but large internal volume due to its rectangular shape. This makes it easy to integrate into a serving line, transport, and storage. You might be wondering how this one machine can replace a smoker, flat-top, and other cookers. With the addition of our Smoke Box, you can add flavour and intensity of smoke into your meals. Additionally, by simply inserting a flat metal cook top you have transformed your roaster into a mobile griddle. Lastly, it can easily replace other cookers as is has been ergonomically designed to ensure ease of use in cooking, transporting, cleaning, and has a capacity to feed hundreds of people on one cook cycle.

Every foodservice business needs a place to serve their guests whether it is through a serving line/self-serve or full serve. Typically, you would need multiple tables, extra workers, and lots of space to do this. Not only will it cost more to run but you must consider how you'll transport everything to and from the event. For those of you that are just starting out you may not have the resources or equipment to do this effectively. Having a machine that you can cook and serve from is invaluable. The PigOut Propane Roaster will fit seamlessly into any serving line while looking sleek, modern, and professiona in the process. Its design and serving height equates to less strain on workers and improved service rate which means workers can work for longer without feeling fatigued and customers are served quickly.  

 A carving-station or prep-station is another problem you must overcome as a foodservice business. How will you prepare the meal in a way that satisfies the customers requirements while also being convenient for you. If your event is in a location with no kitchen or facility that is suitable for preparing your meal, then what do you do? Similarly, to serving you must add tables, people, equipment, and so on. Our Propane Roaster turns into a carving station once you finish cooking where you can portion out and plate your proteins. There is no need for additional people or equipment because there is a specifically designed carving tray that can be inserted to when needed. Theoretically you only need one person to cook, carve, and serve. But more importantly as we have learned, you only need one piece of equipment. 

Our Propane Roaster or Ultimate Charcoal Rotisserie are not just for pigs. I explained how versatile our roaster is and its cooking abilities are exceptional. We always say, “if you can fit it, then you can roast it”. This means that if you can contain your protein or vegetables in the roaster, you’re good to. This wide range is possible with our specially designed accessories. Using our rotisserie baskets, grill racks, and rib rack accessories will allow you to cook 40 chickens, 32 racks of ribs, 8 whole salmon filets, 4 whole turkeys, 4 whole cuts of prime rib, duck, 12 whole striploins, and vegetables just to name a couple of examples. A Propane Roaster will cook any protein, any vegetable, anywhere and that’s the bottom line. Not to mention, there have been customers that cook alligator and venison if you are feeling adventurous. In short, NO, our roaster and rotisseries are not just for pigs. They are for whatever your family or customers are craving.




A PigOut Propane Roaster is not just for pigs. The breadth of use cases is immense that no other BBQ, griddle, or smoker can come close to. This is why a PigOut Propane Roaster is so valuable and useful for a foodservice business. I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog posting and please feel free to click any of the links below to view our roasters in action!!





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