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About Us
If you have a passion for cooking and a dream of owning your own business, you can do this too!
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Owner, Alan Dickson designed the PigOut Roaster following an extensive catering career, knowing only too well the problems associated with off site eventing. In particular pig roasting on cumbersome, dirty bbq’s that lacked visual appeal; pigs tied up with chicken wire, burnt from flare ups. Alan realised there had to be a better way.

In 2007 Alan emigrated from Scotland to Ontario, Canada with the goal of designing a roasting system that could not only roast whole pigs in an efficient manner, but equally important that it was visually appealing, to create a WOW at every event.

Working with engineers he set out to make the roaster versatile for multiple cooking methods, adding rotisserie baskets and a range of accessories. The bold innovation resulted in a propane roaster that can roast at record speeds (100lb in 5 hours) without the need for supervision. Where you can carve and serve directly on the roaster at any location without smoke and fumes. Where, at every event you WOW your guests with a slick presentation and a fabulous roast.

In 2008 the PigOut Roaster was launched at the NRA in Chicago and quickly gained popularity as the leader in its field, the unique roaster offers many solutions to the hassles of off-site catering – from the all terrain pneumatic tires to the unique roasting and carving solutions.  

Alan takes great pride in every Roaster that leaves the Ontario plant. All hand tooled from 304L, 16-gauge, food/medical stainless steel, made completely from North American materials, with a 1/20hp US Bison Motor. The roaster carries a lifetime warranty on the body and burners. Alan comments “We have made no compromises on quality and have proven how the unique presentation of the PigOut Roaster helps owners to make money by attracting clients to their business.

Clients include a Beach Bar in St Martin that roasts pigs daily at his Ocean front bar and knows that the roaster will never rust from the salty air. In Yukon hungry firefighters are fed at sub-zero temperatures out on location. In a Venezuelan restaurant guests are treated to seeing their roast cooking right inside the restaurant.

Alan knows that when a caterer buys this versatile roaster it is never to just to roast pigs. Wilson's Haus of Lechon a Filipino restaurant and caterer in Toronto roasts 16 whole pigs every week and an assortment of pork bellies/sausages and more, a caterer in Ottawa specializes in roasting whole hip of beef and rotisserie chickens. At a West Coast winery cedar plank salmon is cooked on the grill racks right in front of the guests to enjoy whilst dining on the patio.

In 2008 Alan’s wife Anne, established an event catering company in the Niagara Region. This business now has several owner operators who provide corporate and social catering for thousands of events every year.

As many clients are just starting up an off- site catering business, Anne put together the Business in a Box option; a comprehensive package of essential business tools and free training is offered along with the purchase of the Roaster. “Our mission is to help others be successful and take away the risk of starting up their own business” explained Anne.  A team of professionals and a wealth of experience are at your fingertips. 

Call us directly for a personal chat on how we can help you to solve the hassles of your off-site catering and WOW your guest.

Alan Dickson
Cell: 905 650 0761

Anne Dickson
Cell: 905 650 0781 (EMT)

In A Box

Are you looking to start a BBQ catering business? Let us help you: unique roasting system, sales and operational support with free training. Work at something you love.