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This winter a local Greenhouse Client booked a Pig Roast lunch for his 150 staff. A 160lb pig roast was called for, these were hungry guys: Roasting overnight was required so that the pig would be ready in time to serve at 11am
How we did it:
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Don't let your guests go hungry, allow at least 1lb raw weight per person. A 100lb Pig will yield approximately 45/50lb of cooked meat.
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Below are some tips on how to use the PigOut Charcoal Rotisserie, how to select a pig and how to get ready for the ultimate pig roast. Hope you enjoy and don't forget to share!
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Operating instructions for how to roast; pigs, lamb, goat, and venison. Also included is general operating and maintenance instructions. Lay the pig on its side and open the belly cavity, push the spine clamps about 7 inches apart between the ribs until they appear under the skin, take a knife and carefully cut the skin so the 2 prongs are exposed.
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In A Box

Are you looking to start a BBQ catering business? Let us help you: unique roasting system, sales and operational support with free training. Work at something you love.