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Propane Roaster

Propane Roaster

The perfect portable equipment for commercial catering and whole pig roasting. Read our 7 reasons why Pig Out Roasters are the best in the world. 

Hassle Free - set it and forget it, cook 100lb pig in 5 hours

Fully Portable - 10" tires go anywhere with ease

Create WOW at every event

all in one steamtable, rotisserie, smoker & carving station

Its clean: smoke and fume free & very easy to clean

Made from 16 guage American Steel will not rust or warp

Made in North America - Lifetime Warranty

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Hassle Free Roasting
Financing  available  for  as  little  as  $120 / month
*Conditions may apply*

3 Stage Roaster


Manufactured with the highest quality 16-gauge, 304 stainless steel and TIG welded for a life time of use.
The 10” pneumatic tires go over all terrains with ease. Limited life time warranty on stainless steel body and burners.

  • 1/20 HP direct drive USA made Bison motor with safety switch
  • 60" Roasting rod with clamps secures up to 170lb of meat
  • Fuel efficient 57,000 BTU's propane burners with safety shut off valves - life time warranty
  • Heat resistant, tempered glass allows your guests to enjoy watching the roast
  • Carving plate and steam pan insert allow 1 chef to serve hundreds
  • 10" pneumatic all terrain tires and wagon axle for manoeuvrability
  • Propane or Natural Gas - Available in 2 sizes
  • ETL approved to CSA standards

The Pig Roaster includes roasting pole, clamps, carving tray and doors. Delivery is 7-10 days from order, we ship all over the world.
Check out our VIDEOS to learn everything you need to know from putting your pig on the pole all the way to carving and cleaning instructions.
We want to help you have the best experience possible with your new PigOut Propane Roaster!

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More Than Just A Rotisserie
Features and accessories to add versatility to your roaster
Rotisserie Baskets
Rotisserie Baskets

  • Roast 40 whole chickens
  • Roast 160lb of pork butt or topside of beef
  • Roast 12 whole striploins of beef
  • Rotisserie cook corn, vegetables, chicken

Sneeze Guard Attachment
Sneeze Guard Attachment

  • Compliant with Food Safety Regulations
  • Protects Food from Airborne Contaminants
  • Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel
  • Transparent Lexan Window
  • Easily attaches to Roaster Frame

BBQ Grill Racks
BBQ Grill Racks

  • Capacity for 4 grill racks
  • Use 2 grill racks and 2 steam pans to grill, hot hold and serve
  • Grill plank salmon, sausage, chicken and corn without burning
  • Keep the glass door in place as a sneeze screen for serving

BBQ Rib Racks
BBQ Rib Racks

  • Used in combination with grill racks
  • Capacity for 4 rib racks each holds 8 racks of ribs
  • Slow roast Ribs and serve directly to your guests
  • Holds 32 racks of ribs or use 2 rib racks and 2 water pans for hot sides

Steam Pan Set
Steam Pan Set

  • Capacity for 4 steam pans
  • Heat food to safe serving temperatures
  • 20lb propane tank will heat for 7+ hours
  • Braising meats and making pulled pork, chicken or beef
  • Glass door doubles as a sneeze screen
  • No need for electricity/hydro

Handled Meat Tray
Handled Meat Tray

  • Stainless Handled Meat Tray for transporting and carving meats
  • Gives you the option to decant your roast to a table top serving station
  • Holds your meat and contains meat juices, makes service clean and easy
  • Heavy duty 16-gauge 304 stainless wont warp or discolor

Table Top Carving Stand
Table Top Carving Stand

  • Carve your roast at a buffet station at any location
  • Easy to carve and great visual appeal
  • Use with handled meat tray

Pig Carry Bag
Pig Carry Bag

  • Thermal insulated keeps cold food cold and hot food hot
  • Use to transport a raw pig to your roasting site or hot hold a roasted pig
  • The handled meat tray fits inside the insulated bag.
  • Tough vinyl outer, food grade inner for easy cleaning.
  • roasting pole fits inside the bag

Smoke Box
Smoke Box

  • Fill with soaked wood chips to add smoke to your roast
  • Heavy duty gauge steel is built to last
  • Placed directly on burner to create smoke

Vinyl Cover
Vinyl Cover

  • Made out of heavy-duty vinyl
  • Perfect for storing your roaster
  • Secure straps below

Porchetta Rods
Porchetta Rods

  • Porchetta rods hold boneless stuffed pork firmly in place during roasting
  • Easy to secure into your roast
  • Carve directly on the roaster or on the table top carving stand
  • Increase your yield with a boneless stuffed pig and feed 300+ guests from one pig!

What They Are Saying

I have cooked pigs, barbequed chickens, roast beef and ribs on it and in all honesty, you cannot find an easier product to work with. The roaster is absolutely 5 stars in my opinion, it’s wonderful, catering eye candy, a one of kind and certainly the very best piece of catering equipment that I have ever owned.

Highland River, GA

The greatest invention of the barbecue industry I ever seen. It is very easy to set up and use. It is nice looking and easy to transport. The WOW factor is amazing!

Tahiti Meating, Tahiti









Commercial Roaster - CPOR 60




225 lb

16 / 304SS


Roast 170lb Pig or Hip of Beef, 60" Pole

Rotisserie Baskets - set of 4




34 lb

304 SS


36 Chickens, 4 Suckling Pigs, 140 lb Beef or Pork

BBQ Racks - capacity 4




5 lb

304 SS


Grill 64 Chicken Breast, Sausages, Kebabs

Rib Rack - capacity 4




3 lb

304 SS


Each rack holds 8 racks of pork ribs

Porchetta Rods




6 lb

304 SS


Roast 160lb boned, stuffed Pig or Lamb

Carving Stand




14 lb

304 SS


Table top carving stand for buffet Presentation

Steam Pan Set - 3-part set




8 lb

20 gauge


Includes water pan, 2” hotel pan and lid

Smoke Box




2.75 lb

18 gauge


Holds wet wood chips

Vinyl Cover




6 lb



Heavy Duty Vinyl with clips to secure in place

Insulated Pig Carry Bag




15 lb



Transport raw pigs on the pole or hot pigs to clients

Handled Meat Tray




15 lb

304 SS


Fits inside Insulated Bag for delivery & carving pigs

Spares Kit







Thermocouple, Spark Generator, Wrench, Bolts, Nuts

In A Box

Are you looking to start a BBQ catering business? Let us help you: unique roasting system, sales and operational support with free training. Work at something you love.