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Benefits of using Propane? ?

Benefits of using Propane? ?
Benefits of using Propane? ?

Why PigOut Roasters-Propane Roaster? 

       A PigOut  Propane Roaster is the world’s best outdoor cooking center. It deserves that name because you can cook, carve, serve, and hot hold from the machine itself. With 4-in-one capabilities, it is the most versatile piece of equipment on the market. 

The three main kinds of users for our Propane Roaster are,

1.     Foodservice Businesses

        Propane Roaster is a professional grade roaster due to its size and capacity. This is why foodservice businesses like restaurants, food trucks, and catering businesses would benefit from this machine. You can cook and hot hold vast amounts of food quickly and easily. Thus, lowering your operating costs while maintaining high standards that your customers expect.

2.     Home cook

       Have you been cooking for 30+ years? Are you tired of waking up early in hope of a perfect roast? That’s where our Propane Roaster comes in. With industry leading cook times of 20lbs per hour and a working height that does NOT require you to lean/bend over, you can relax and be sure that your roast comes out perfect every time. 

       Perhaps you have a large family and your existing stoves and ovens do not have the capacity to feed your family at gatherings. Then you need an alternative piece of equipment like a roaster. Luckily for you our Propane Roaster is big enough to feed everyone but small enough you can easily transport it and fit it through a typical sized back yard gate. Installed with 4 pneumatic tires you can take it over grass, gravel, sand, dirt, and snow. Also, with its hot hold capabilities you can store and serve food from the roaster itself allowing for large amounts of food to stay warm for long periods of time. It is exactly what a big family needs for big feasts.

3.     Rental Business

You may not be a chef or have a large family and that’s fine. You may not know anything about cooking either. However, if you're entrepreneurial and have a desire to do something on your own our Propane Roaster will allow you to generate profits from your couch. Renting the machine is a great way to start your own rental business with little risk. In the 17 years of business, we have turned away hundreds of customers needing a roaster for an event because they are simply too far from us to make that possible. There is a large market for renters that is waiting to be fulfilled. Our sister company PigOut Catering has developed rental forms and everything you need to get your business started. Click here for our Business in a Box Package

The PigOut Advantage

When you purchase a PigOut product it means you have access to 17 years of roaster manufacturing experience along with 31+ years of restaurant experience. Potential questions you may have with our roaster include,

  • How do I assemble the roaster?
  • How do I clean the roaster?
  • How do I maintain my roaster
  • What is the cooking time and temperature for _____

These are some of the most common questions and luckily for you, we know our products inside and out and have encountered nearly every problem or question imaginable. This allows us to help you quickly and effectively, allowing you to spend more time cooking. We also have members only group where PigOut roasters owners can chat, ask questions, and share their creations. This is valuable because it allows you to ask fellow owners questions and tips to ensure perfect cooks every time. It is a place where everyone is as passionate about cooking as you and so fellow owners want to help and share their input, experience, and tips to get you roasting!!


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