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Thanksgiving & Holiday Catering Made Easy

Thanksgiving & Holiday Catering Made Easy
Thanksgiving & Holiday Catering Made Easy

Don't be fooled into thinking that your PigOut Propane Roaster & Outdoor Cooking Center is just for roasting perfect succulent pigs. As Thanksgiving rolls around the corner, the Roaster is your solution for holiday catering as it enables you to roast four or five whole large turkeys in a matter of less than 3 hours! Creating hundreds of portions of moist, succulent roasted turkey. Due to the unique design of the rotisserie; your turkeys will self-baste & cook in a quarter of the time compared to a typical commerical convection oven. 

The steam-table function of your Roaster provides a fabulous solution when catering for your large numbers over the holidays. It gives you the ability to roast and serve hundreds of portions directly from the roaster, on-location. Forget about your chaffing dishes and the hassle of them allowing your food to quickly lose temperature when you open the lids, or how useless they can be when attempting to keep your food warm outdoors in the cool, windy autumn temperatures.

Use the Roaster with the built-in glass paneled door "sneeze guard" and keep your whole menu piping hot and covid safe. Serve delicious creamy mashed potatoes, honey roasted vegetables, sage stuffing, home-made gravy, and succulant turkey all from your Roaster. 

Instructions for putting your Turkeys on the Roaster Spit-Pole

  1. Remove turkeys from their bags, remove all giblets and dry with paper-towel. (It is advisable not to stuff the turkeys if cooking on your Roaster, as this will increase the cooking time required)
  2. Attach a four-prong clamp near the "hex-end" of your spit-pole with the prongs facing down the length of the pole.
  3. Begin sliding the turkey onto the spit-pole from the neck to the rear, ensuring that the breasts are aligned with the four-prong clamp.
  4. Squeeze the prongs together so that they are closer to the middle of the turkey breasts and insert into the meat. Press the turkey into the prongs until the turkey is snug up against the back of the four-prong clamp.
  5. Take some butchers twine and using "slip-knots" fasten the wings and the legs tightly to the body.
  6. Repeat the previous three steps for each turkey you plan to rotisserie on your Roaster.
  7. At the base of your last turkey it is advisable to attach one of your "Spine-Clamps" to help secure all of the turkeys into place and create a base to stop them from moving along the pole. 
  8. Lightly season your turkeys to your preferred taste, place them into the roaster and start cooking. 
    (Cooking your Turkeys at Medium-High heat, roughly 400-425 degrees, will cook approximately 10lbs of meat per hour, per bird) 

*Extra four-prong clamps will allow you to serve up to five 20lb whole turkeys. In the case you have the rotisserie basket-set, you can cut the turkeys in half and cook even more birds up to the full capacity of the baskets. 



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