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How To Roast A Pig - Choosing The Right Size

How To Roast A Pig - Choosing The Right Size

A Pig Cooking Chart

The general rule of thumb on a BBQ pig is 40-50% meat yield from raw butchered weight. So a 60lb Pig will give you approximately 25-30lb of cooked meat and will feed around 55 people. You’ll need at least 1lb raw weight per person for a mixed group, for a bunch of hungry men I would recommend allowing 1.5lb raw weight per person. If you are cooking over direct heat you may lose the belly meat and as such may need a larger pig. However, if you cook using a rotisserie you will get a better yield and less meat will be lost.

Some breeds such as Berkshires have a higher fat content, during roasting this melts away so again you may need a larger pig. The younger the pig the sweeter the meat and roasting takes less time and therefore uses less charcoal or propane to cook. Older larger pigs need long slow cooking for the heat to penetrate into the deepest areas of the shoulders. Always ensure you have reached 72deg C before serving. If you are roasting over charcoal you need to allow at least 1 hour per 10lb of meat.

Pigs over 100lb in weight are generally cheaper per lb to buy. Suckling Pigs are expensive but you can roast four suckling pigs in just 3 hours in rotisserie baskets for a special occasion.

You will need to order in advance from your butcher, shop round for a good price. Pigs need to be eaten fresh and are generally slaughtered and consumed within 5-7days.

There is nothing as mouth-watering and finger-licking as the crispy skin on a succulent Pig Roast, made with your PigOut Roaster!

For more information on how to roast a pig feel free to reach out to us at any time, or follow this link for operating instructions on how to roast pigs, lamb, goats and venison

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