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Make Family Thanksgiving Easier - Rotisserie the Perfect Turkey

Make Family Thanksgiving Easier - Rotisserie the Perfect Turkey
Make Family Thanksgiving Easier - Rotisserie the Perfect Turkey

Now that Thanksgiving has come around again, we are all starting to get ready for the highly anticipated “Turkey Time” with our families and loved ones. With all the excitement to feast on a great meal, also comes the inevitable dread of being tasked with cooking the Turkey and all the fixings to go along side with it.

Year after year you wake up early and rush to get your turkey into the oven, only to “hurry up and wait” until the afternoon when you rush again to start prepping your veggies, stuffing, and other sides. You realize that your oven is full with the big bird and begin improvising on how you are going to pull everything together.

You think to yourself: “Hmm... if I steam or boil my veggies and then throw them in the oven for 20-30 minutes when the Turkey is done and resting, that will be the same effect as roasted veggies right? If I boil and mash my potatoes now to get them out of the way, I don’t necessarily need the oven to warm them to serve, the microwave will work just fine. If I just foil my bacon Brussel sprouts and put them off to the side, they will still be warm and ready by the time we carve and serve.. right..?”

Let’s be real, I think it is safe to say that we have all experienced these kind of thoughts when tasked with cooking our festive feasts for the ones we love, and as the day progresses and more people begin to arrive the pressure only builds leading to some questionable hasty cooking decisions.

Well... What if I were to tell you that your trusty PigOut Propane Roaster & Outdoor Cooking Center is actually the solution to all of these Thanksgiving cooking woes.

With the ability to cook up to 4 whole large turkeys on your unit you can easily get the proteins out of the way and free up plenty of time, space, and peace of mind. Better yet, due to your roaster having the rotisserie function your turkey will constantly baste itself and cook to perfection with a nice bronzed exterior and perfectly cooked succulent interior. Your roaster will even cook your big bird quicker than a traditional oven, all you have to do is set it to “medium-high” (roughly 400-425 degrees) and it will cook roughly 10lbs of meat per bird every hour.

Free up that space in your oven for whatever sides your heart (or Aunt Karen’s heart) desires, and focus on what really matters on Thanksgiving, spending quality time with the family. When it comes time to serve you can move your turkey on the spit into the carving position, insert water pans below and use the entire station to carve and serve all of your guests with ease.

This year leave the stress of cooking your turkey and festive feast behind and begin enjoying the day with your loved ones rather than dreading it. Cook smarter, not harder, with your PigOut Propane Roaster & Outdoor Cooking Center.

Instructions for putting your Turkeys on a spit pole

  1. Remove turkey from its bag, remove all giblets and dab with paper-towel to dry
  2. Attach a four-prong clamp near the “hex-end” of your spit pole with the prongs facing down the length of the pole
  3. Begin sliding the turkey onto the spit-pole from neck to rear ensuring that the breasts are aligned with the four-prong clamp.
  4. Squeeze the prongs together so they are closer to the middle of the turkey breasts and insert into the meat. Insert until the turkey is pressed up to the back of the four-prong clamp.
  5. Take some butchers twine and using “slip-knots” fasten the wings and the legs tightly to the body. (Repeat this process if you plan on cooking more than one turkey at a time.)
  6. If you are only cooking one bird, it is advisable to place one of your spine clamps at the base of your turkey to stop it from sliding on the pole. (If you are cooking more than one turkey, do this on the last turkey on your spit)
  7. Lightly season your turkey to your preferred taste, place it in the roaster and start cooking. (remember, at medium-high heat you will cook roughly 10lbs per hour)


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