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Is the roaster only for cooking whole pigs?

No. The PigOut roaster is an all in one cooking centre where you can roast, grill, steam, smoke a variety of meats and vegetables. Whole roast pigs, lamb, venison, chickens, turkey, hip of beef (or even alligator!) directly on the roasting pole using the provided clamp system. Use the different accessories like the rotisserie baskets, grill racks or chaffing pans to further expand your methods of cooking. Once you start experimenting you will find that the roaster is anything but a machine to cook pigs and will sure to be your new favorite piece of equipment.

What’s the capacity of the roaster?

The 5ft roasting pole can accommodate up to a 160lb pig, capacity for roasting whole animals is more about size than weight. If it can fit into the machine and spin freely the roaster can cook it! The rotisserie basket accessory allows you to roast 40 whole 3lb chickens, 12 striploins of beef, 4 suckling pigs, 7-12 turkeys, 160lb of pork but or 32 racks of ribs and a partridge in a pear tree!

The machine itself is equipped with a custom designed US Bison motor made with all metal gears and enough torque to tow a truck.  

How long does it take to cook?

The roaster has been specially designed and tuned to output over 600°F of constant indirect heat in ideal conditions. Our recommendation for pig roasts is to allow 20lb per hour of cooking at a temperature of approx. 425°F (medium/high heat setting). Whole chickens and poultry take approx. 2hrs to roast at the same temperature. Please be sure to use a digital temperature probe and check the internal temperatures as per your local health department’s guide lines for cooked meat.

How do you clean the roaster?

Due to the placement of the burners, no food will burn to the bottom of the roaster. At the end of your roast simply place a bucket lined with a garbage bag under the 1” drain valve. Open the valve and scrape out the liquid fat. Using steel wool, dish soap and hot water the roaster polishes up to looking new again in minutes. You can use a power washer or hose to rinse the machine clean. Be sure to close the drain again before your next roast or you will have a big mess on your patio! In case of stubborn stains or high abuse oven or BBQ cleaning chemicals can be used.

Is there anything you don’t recommend cooking on the roaster?

The only thing I wouldn’t recommend using the roaster for is for searing (i.e. steaks, burgers etc.). Because of the indirect heat you will not achieve the grill marks and char you are looking for. The indirect heat works great for chicken, sausage or roasting whole cuts of beef. Our clients are always finding new recipes they use on the roaster from lasagna to apple crumble.

How much propane does it use?

Typically, you get about 6 hours of burn out of a standard 20lb BBQ tank of propane. With that, on tank can cook a 120lb pig!

What if the weather is bad?

The roaster is equipped with doors to cover your roast as well as a glass window to allow you to watch your roast cooking without opening and losing all the heat. With the doors closed rain and snow will not be an issue when roasting. The only element that can affect roasting times is wind. To combat that you can use a piece of aluminium foil to wrap around the open-air gaps on the ends of the machine to keep the wind from cutting through and dropping your roasters temperature. In sub zero conditions your propane tank may freeze up. It is a good idea when roasting in these conditions to keep the tank off the ground and wrapped in a blanket to keep from freezing up, or roast in a well-ventilated building such as a garage or shed. After your roast is cooked carving can take place inside on our table top carving stand or the roaster can be wheeled right into your event space and carve directly off the machine!

How many people does a pig feed?

For planning purposes, we recommend 1lb of whole pig for every guest you are going to feed. There is approximately 50% meat yield to the whole pig so a 100lb pig will yield 50lb of meat. For a dinner portion this will allow 1/2lb of meat per guest. If you are having other proteins or just having pig roast on a bun your yield will be 1lb pig for every 1 ½ persons.

How do I rent my roaster?

This is a great way to earn some extra income with minimal labour. Simply create an ad on Kijiji, Craigslist or your local classified or social media. Create a booking form or use the one provided in the BIB package. Be sure to get your clients name, address, email, phone number and credit card number as a deposit for the roaster in case of damage or theft. You can include the raw pig that is seasoned, scored and mounted to the roasting pole. Wrap the pig in clear plastic and place into the insulated carry bag. Provide roasting instructions (available with B.I.B package) as well as give the client a walk through of how the machine operates and the steps involved in roasting and carving the pig. Be sure to include the cleaning instructions and request that the machine is cleaned out prior to pick up/ drop off. For 20mins worth of work in putting the pig on the pole this is a sure way to bring in some easy revenue.

Can I reheat a pig?

Absolutely, you can pre-cook and reheat so long as you have a facility to keep the roasted pig refrigerated overnight. Pre-cooking a pig the day before you need it and reheating makes early lunch catering hassle free. This method is ideal for up to a 100lb pig – for reheating you need to allow 2 hours, roast on high to regain the crackling skin.

Reheating a pig is an easy way to avoid cooking through the night if you have an early lunch event. If you are not a morning person, like me, you won’t want to begin cooking a 140lb pig at midnight to be ready for early in the morning. Simply roast your pig the day before, ensuring that it has reached 72deg.C Recook on medium heat roast for approx. 2 hours or until the roast has come back up to temperature. Turn the roaster up to high heat and this will ensure your crackling is back to crispy and as good as it was just freshly roasted. It is quite unbelievable, you cannot tell the difference in flavor at all.

What accessories are included with the roaster?

On receiving your shipment your roaster will be securely packaged on a boxed pallet. There is some assembly required, simply attach the roasting box to the wheeled chassis and bolt together with the included parts. Inside the box you will also find 1 roasting pole, 1 carving tray, 2 spine clamps, 2 4-prong clamps, 2 leg triangles and 1 hex tool for securing implements to the pole. This is everything you need to cook whole animals, poultry and cuts of beef. Our most popular add on accessories are the rotisserie baskets, grill racks and smoke box.

How long does it take to ship?

Once payment has been received, we can send your shipment directly to your doorstep.  Shipping in Canada and the Continental United States takes approx. 5-10 days. Your sales representative will be able give you approximate date for receiving your roaster once it has shipped. Tracking information will also be provided to you so you can monitor where and when your roaster will arrive.

Where is the roaster manufactured?

Our roasters are proudly built by hand in St. Catharines, Ontario Canada, designed by caterers for caterers. Using only quality 304 grade 16-gauge surgical food grade steel and tig welded. Our attention to detail, quality of materials and dedication to excellence is what sets us apart from other roasters on the market.

If I need a part do you stock inventory?

Yes, we always carry a stock of parts and accessories and can ship same day.

How long have you been in business?

We have been manufacturing roasters in Canada for over 10 years. In that time, we have not had a single burner or weld replaced on any of our roasters across the world!

Do you finance?

We offer financing through a third party. Please speak to one of our friendly sales representatives and they will advise you on methods of payment or provide you with the financing application.

How much should I expect to pay for a pig?

Small smoking pigs are more expensive per lb

BBQ pig (generally 80-120lb) will cost you between $1.50 - $2.50 per lb

How do I know how big a pig to buy?

For a meal service allow 1lb raw weight; i.e. 100lb pig for 100 guests

For pork on a bun 100lb pig for 120/140 buns

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