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Can I visit the PigOut operation?

Certainty, closest airport Niagara Fall or Buffalo.

How long from signing up to opening my catering business?

This is in your hands. We ship in within 5 days of your order.

How much does training cost?

No cost. It’s your choice. There are web tutorials online or you and a partner can come to our operation for exclusive free hands on training.

Can I run this along side an existing business?

Absolutely. You can do this full or part time.

What support do I receive after I purchase?

Ongoing phone support with Executive Chef, operations & marketing experts.

How do I know how much I should charge for menu items?

We assist you with market research and provide formulas for calculating produces and selling prices to ensure you are profitable.

How do I get the business?

Follow the steps set out in our “How To Guide”.

Can I call other caterers who operates with a PigOut Roasters?

Absolutely, there is a database of successful caterers who are happy to chat with you.

Can I arrange finance through PigOut?

We can connect you with our preapproved 3rd party finance company.

Can you help me to prepare a business plan for my own bank?

This is covered in the “How To Guide”

Can I just buy a roaster?

Absolutely, have you do not then have access to free training & support.

What if my roaster breaks, how do I get parts?

In 11 years with hundreds of caterers using the roasters multiple times a week we have never had a breakdown.

The roaster and burner carry a lifetime warranty due to the very high standard of construction it is pretty impossible to break. We do, however, always carry parts in stock in case you loose attachments.

Next day shipping is available.

Can I install the roaster inside my building?

Yes, you will however need to put a barrier to stop guests touching and you fire department may require ventilation.

What else can I cook on the roaster besides pig?

Whole lamb, hip of beef, 40 chicken, 12 pork bellies, 160lb pork butt or beef.

Do I need a license?

You will need to register your business with your local authorities.

Do I need to be a trained chef?

It is a good idea to attend your local Food Handling Course – often available online for a small fee.

Where do I buy pigs?

Contact a local butcher who will be able to supply you directly or put you in touch with his wholesaler.

What type of events can you expect to cater?

Backyard parties, 50th wedding anniversaries, graduations parties etc.

Sporty events & festivals

Corporate open days, product launch, customer/staff appreciation events.

How can I find out more?

Contact Anne Dickson by 1 -800-737-3750

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