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Can I visit the PigOut operation?

Absolutely! We are located in St.Catharines, Ontario Canada and would love to have you come visit us. The closest border crossing to the USA is in Niagara Falls, and the closest major airports would be in Hamilton or Toronto. Just reach out and let us know when we can expect to have you here and we will set up a product demonstration for you. 

How long from signing up to opening my catering business?

This is totally in your hands. We ship within 5-10 business days of your order, so technically you can start roasting as soon as your unit is delivered. This being said, we suggest you at least do one test run with your unit first before catering an event, just so you can look professional and confident for your clients.

How much does training cost?

In the case you choose to go with the Business in a Box option we offer a full comprehensize training program at no additional cost to you, the training will take you through everything from creating contracts to running catering events.

If you simply purchase a roaster or rotisserie we would gladly give you free training on how to operate your unit, we would never leave you in the dark! We also have some instructional videos on our YouTube page that you can find here:

Can I run this along side an existing business?

Absolutely, you can do this full or part time without worry of having restrictions of having another profession. This being said when it comes to choosing the Business in a Box option, rather than being a franchisee where there may be restrictions and commitments, you actually become a licensee which gives you the freedom to operate your business the way you choose to.

This is an opportunity to become your own boss and make your own rules, so if you want your BBQ catering company to be a side gig or a full-time career, the power is in your hands to choose either way. 

What support do I receive after I purchase?

After you receive your roaster with all of the accessories and equipment, you will receive training on everything that entails running a profitable BBQ Catering company. After you complete your training, you will also receive ongoing phone support with our Executive Chef, Operations & Marketing experts.

Can I send other new employees for training?

With your Business in a Box purchase you will receive the option of free comprehensize training for up to two individuals within your organization. After this, you have ongoing support by us here at PigOut Roasters, so if you or any of your team members ever have questions or would like some advice, we are happy to help. 

How do I know how much I should charge for menu items?

We assist you with market research and provide formulas for calculating produces and selling prices to ensure you are profitable. Our goal is to help you every step along the way to ensure that you can hit the ground running and have the best chance for success possible. We stand by all of our licensee's and our products, you can be at ease knowing we are here to help. 

How do I get new business in a competitive market?

If you complete our comprehensive training and follow the steps set out in our “How To Guide”, you are almost guaranteed to succeed. Remember though, what you put into your business is what you will get out of it, so in order to be successful you must be persistent and patient while it grows. We are here to help you along the way if you ever need advice on getting new clients or boosting your marketing/sales efforts.

Can I call other caterers who operate with a PigOut Roasters?

Absolutely, there is a database of successful caterers who are happy to chat with you. Just let us know which area you intend to operate within and we will connect you with the closest individuals to you. 

Can I arrange finance through PigOut?

We can connect you with our preapproved 3rd party finance company.

Can you help me to prepare a business plan for my own bank?

This is covered in the “How To Guide”

Can I just buy a roaster?

Absolutely, you can buy any of our equiptment and we ship throughout the world.

What if my roaster breaks, how do I get parts?

In 11 years with hundreds of caterers using the roasters multiple times a week we have never had a breakdown.

The roaster and burner carry a lifetime warranty due to the very high standard of construction it is pretty impossible to break. We do, however, always carry parts in stock in case you lose attachments.

Can I install the roaster inside my building?

Yes, you will however need to put a barrier to stop guests touching and you fire department may require ventilation.

What else can I cook on the roaster besides pig?

The possibilities are endless, from whole lamb, hips of beef, 40 chickens, 12 pork bellies, 160lb pork butt or beef, even whole alligator! Our clients are finding out new creative uses for the roaster everyday. Baked apples, lasagna, pulled pork, even reheating pizzas for late night buffets, the roaster is sure to not disappoint.

Do I need a license?

You will need to register your business with your local authorities.

Do I need to be a trained chef?

No, you don't have to be a classically trained chef, however it is recommended before starting a business in the food service sector that you have a general knowledge of basic cooking skills. It is also a good idea to attend your local Food Handling Course – often available online for a small fee.

Where do I buy pigs?

Contact a local butcher who will be able to supply you directly or put you in touch with his wholesaler. Fresh proteins are always recommended, however in some cases only frozen may be available. we recommend thoroughly thawing and frozen proteins before cooking.

What type of events can you expect to cater?

Backyard parties, 50th wedding anniversaries, graduations parties etc.

Sporty events & festivals

Corporate open days, product launch, customer/staff appreciation events.

How can I find out more?

Contact Anne Dickson by 1 -800-737-3750

In A Box

Are you looking to start a BBQ catering business? Let us help you: unique roasting system, sales and operational support with free training. Work at something you love.