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Solving the Hassles of Golf Tournament Catering

Solving the Hassles of Golf Tournament Catering

Outdoor catering, particularly at prestigious events like the CMAA Bears Best Golf Tournament in Las Vegas, presents a unique set of challenges that demand meticulous planning and innovative solutions. From fluctuating weather conditions to logistical complexities, the Bears Best food & beverage team had to navigate various obstacles to ensure a seamless dining experience for tournament participants and attendees. In this blog, we'll delve into the pains of outdoor catering at the 2024 CMAA Bears Best Golf Tournament and how the PigOut Propane Roaster emerged as a hero, alleviating stress from the main kitchen and elevating the culinary experience for all.


Unpredictable Weather:

As the 2024 CMAA Bears Best Golf Tournament unfolded, catering teams found themselves at the mercy of the wind and unpredictable weather patterns. Chefs and event planners had to anticipate and adapt to changing conditions on the fly. Often unpredictable weather causes pains for the catering team and having the flexibility to easily manouver a roast to a covered patio keep players out of the rain which is not typically available with conventional BBQs. As the pig roaster is smoke and fume free there are no issues with roasting close up to the clubhouse and will not create an unpleasant dining experience due to smoke. 

Pressure on the Main Kitchen:

With the Bears Best Golf Tournament attracting a large number of participants and attendees, the pressure on the main kitchen to deliver high-quality meals was put to the test. Luckily the PigOut Propane Roaster was able to alleviate stress from the kitchen as the roaster provided the protein for the meal so the kitchen could focus on sides, salads, and deserts. This was possible due to the impressive capacity of the Propane Roaster.

Enter the PigOut Propane Roaster:

At the Bears Best Golf Tournament, the PigOut Propane Roaster emerged as a beacon of warmth and something to look forward to, offering a versatile and efficient solution to the challenges at hand. With its robust construction, spacious cooking chamber, and propane-powered heating system, the roaster proved to be a game-changer for the food & beverage teams seeking to elevate their outdoor cooking capabilities.

Benefits in Action:

Throughout the tournament, the PigOut Propane Roaster showcased its versatility and reliability, effortlessly handling a variety of culinary tasks with ease. Roasting an 80lb the pig the Propane Roaster delivered consistent, restaurant-quality results that impressed tournament participants, chefs, and attendees alike. By taking the pressure off the main kitchen and providing a reliable alternative for outdoor cooking, the roaster enabled catering teams to easily meet the demands of the tournament with confidence and professionalism. 


The 2024 CMAA Bears Best Golf Tournament served as a poignant reminder of the challenges and triumphs inherent in outdoor catering, particularly in high-stakes environments like prestigious golf tournaments. Through careful planning, adaptability, and the innovative use of tools like the PigOut Propane Roaster, catering teams were able to overcome obstacles and deliver exceptional culinary experiences that left a lasting impression on tournament participants and attendees. With 30+ clubs across North America that benefit from the Propane Roaster, it is a proven peice of equipment that clubs rely on to ensure smooth food & beverage operations. As the tournament drew to a close, the lessons learned from navigating the pains of outdoor catering served as a testament to the resilience and ingenuity of catering professionals, setting the stage for future successes in the ever-evolving world of outdoor dining.



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