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Versatility is King-PigOut Propane Roaster

Versatility is King-PigOut Propane Roaster

     Purchasing a new piece of machinery for your business can be a scary endeavour. There are 2 unknowns that stick out. The first is if it will pay for itself and secondly if it will work as advertised. In the foodservice industry, tools like BBQs, smokers, roasters, flat tops/griddles, and deep fryers all have one common characteristic. They allow you to generate profits. Of course, there are many more machines and appliances but at the end of the day your profits are made by using these tools. Imagine if you could combine 4/5 tools I listed above and put it on wheels so you can take it anywhere. Luckily for you, no imagination is required because this machine already exists. It’s the PigOut Propane Roaster.

     A machine that is versatile will allow you to pay it off faster as you can use it more often while also extracting every ounce of value from it. In 16 years of business, we’ve had every kind of customer from restaurant owners, catering businesses, personal use, and rentals. With this variety in our customers our machines have seen it all. From beaches, to patios, to farmers fields, and snow, our roasters will cook your meal perfectly every time regardless of the location.

     We understand that everyone has their preferences on proteins and vegetables. This is why we have developed our Propane Roaster in a way that will satisfy all needs. With a range of accessories including but not limited to,

  • Rotisserie Baskets
  • BBQ Grill Racks
  • Rib Racks
  • Steam Pan/Heating trays
  • Smoker box
  • Spit Rotisserie

     These accessories can be used to cook pork, lamb, turkeys, vegetables, alligators, beef, fish, and anything else you can fit inside. In terms of cooking versatility our Propane Roaster is leagues ahead within the industry. It truly is the Swiss army knife of cooking equipment due to its go anywhere, cook anything capabilities.

     Versatility is great until you need to change accessories and move things around. Other units may be versatile but requires down time to switch accessories or to move the machine. That’s where the simplistic design of our Propane Roaster shines. Each accessory only needs a max of two people to move around. Every attachment can be interchanged within 30 seconds so in a high pace setting this will allow you to move onto the next task effortlessly and quickly.

     Lastly, I will explain how the roaster exceptional versatility will match your cooking needs. You can choose accessories from the moment an order is made. Our clamping system allows for modular accessories to be added later. If you decide that you need our Rotisserie Basket Set 6-months after your purchase that can be done. Everything is removable as needed and can be tailored specifically for you.

     In Conclusion, our roaster ticks every box when it comes to versatility. You receive mobility, the ability to cook anything, ease of use, and can be personalized for your needs. This is truly the most versatile cooking solution available and was made to simplify the entire cooking process.

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