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How to Roast a Pig on the Charcoal Rotisserie

How to Roast a Pig on the Charcoal Rotisserie

Note: Order your pig allowing 1lb raw weight per person – you will get approx 50% cooked meat yield.

See this online video for easy tips on How to mount your Pig on the Roasting Pole and how to season with your favourite herbs and rub salt into the skin.

Allow plenty of time for Roasting, approx 1 hour per 10lb, this will vary depending upon outside temperature, type of charcoal used, wind and the height setting of your pig on the Rotisserie.

Purchase sufficient natural hardwood charcoal: approx 17 1/2lb per hour of roasting and have a vented bucket for pre-starting charcoal for adding to your fire box during roasting. We do not advise adding cold Charcoal during cooking: this will cause smoke and an unpleasant taste to your food. Do not use lighter fluid or baste during cooking this could cause flare ups.

Locate the Rotisserie out of the wind, if there is a breeze ensure that you place the wind guard so as to deflect it back over the coals keeping the heat below your pig. You can use one or two wind guards. Keep out of reach of children and animals: there is a high risk of burning.

To begin, set the desired height for the rotisserie, for small pigs and cuts of meat set the rotisserie close to the charcoal, for larger pigs and slower roasting set at the maximum distance from the charcoal by adjusting at the tripod stand. Start by getting a good heat in your charcoal before spreading it across the fire box, start with approx 30lb of charcoal and do not add the meat on the roasting rod until until the coals are smouldering white. Use a metal bucket to bring additional charcoal to a hot temperature before adding to the fire box during cooking.

The electric motor is the most robust on the market and is CSA/ETL approved to 200lb, you will need an outdoor extension cable to a power supply or run off your vehicle with a converter.

Once roasted, use the temperature probe to check that your meat has reached 165 deg C in the thickest parts. You can then carve directly on the Spit or you can lift the roasting pole onto a stainless handled meat tray ready for serving or simply cover a table with foil and tuck in.

By adding the grill racks over the coals you can grill steaks, burgers and corn or roast potatoes to accompany your Crackling Pig. Using a cast iron pan you can cook small delicate items like shrimp or any of your favourite BBQ foods. You can use the rotisserie baskets for baked potatoes and corn or stuffed peppers.

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