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Tahiti TOA Meatings

Tahiti TOA Meatings
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12 May 2015,

French Polynesia, New Caledonia and Wallis and Futuna Territories

Letter from the owner

I am retired of the Polynesian Administration since 2013 and have no culinary gift at all. So I learned the basics by myself and with the precious advices of my "cordon bleu" wife.

As Polynesian islander I have very early been initiated in our traditional way of cooking meals in the earth oven on preheated volcanic stones. This weekly family and festive meal has always a pig as main dish but we never see it while it cooks because it is burried.

The PigOut Roaster was like an illumination to me. The PigOut Roaster is the greatest invention of the barbecue industry I ever seen because it is very easy to set up and use. It is nice looking and easy to transport. The WOW factor is amazing and leaves the customer with flavors that are mouthwatering.

I was very involved in working with the PigOut Roaster as you can really see and control the various phases of transformation of whatever you cook. It also offers a wide panel of cooking and catering possibilities. In final, my whole family gets involved in this business.

Thanks a lot,

This was my best experience with the rotisserie baskets, 3 piglets cooked at once on may 1st, Labor day celebration for a private party, 15kg (33lb ) and 2x13kg (28lb) perfectly crackling after 3.5 hours.

Tahiti Toa Meatings

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