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Redline BBQ Catering

Redline BBQ Catering
If you have a passion for cooking and a dream of owning your own business, you can do this too!
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Redline BBQ Catering

St.Catharines ON, Canada

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2 years ago after looking at other pig cookers for sale I purchased my Pigout roaster and its been a game-changer. While I  obviously use it for spit roasting whole pigs I also use it at events as a hot hold for ribs, pulled pork, beans and gravy for poutine. It makes a great portable steam table that I load up with food and serve from.  I just fill the water pans, light the roaster and food stays piping hot for the entire event. This roaster has made my operation more professional and has increased the speed that I can serve people which means more profit for me. 

Matt Blundell, Redline BBQ Catering

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Are you looking to start a BBQ catering business? Let us help you: unique roasting system, sales and operational support with free training. Work at something you love.