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Jamaican Jerk Food, LLC

Jamaican Jerk Food, LLC
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Jamaican Jerk Food, LLC

Austin, Texas

737 802 4327

Since purchasing my Roaster, I have been using in for everything under the sun from roasting Jerk marinated chicken, pork and fish to vegetables. My first pig roast was Saturday 9/20/2017. We roasted a 50 pound pasture raised pig and served about 70 people. The first part to be devoured was the crackling. We had nothing but positive comments on the delectable taste of the pig. However, the star of the show was the Roaster. It was truly an eye candy as no one present has ever seen such an awesome mat a 50 pound pig in such a short period of time. There was always a crowd around the Roaster, snapping pictures with their cell phones while they ask a multitude of questions. There were folks who had tried their hand at whole pig roasting, with not so great results. So they were naturally interested in where I got such an impressive roaster.I picked up the freshly butchered pig on Tuesday and placed it in a pickling salt and water brine the same evening. I did not add any flavoring to the brine as I did not want to alter the natural flavor of the pork. I let it steep in the brine then I removed it and patted it dry. I left it in the cooler with ice packing until Saturday. By noon the pig was in the Roaster with both burners on high. What has always impressed me is how this Roaster is able to maintain a steady temperature of 400 degrees throughout the roasting. I could not have made a better investment as these days I rarely use my other grill that I had custom made for $5000. A second Roaster will be in my future as I expand my business. We are definitely looking forward to a couple of Fall wine pickup Pig Roast events at one of the vineyards that we service. A big shout out to Dale who supported my learning curve in mastering the Roaster.



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What makes your business stand out?

We are the premier food catering service in Austin, TX that specializes in Jamaican Jerk fare. Unlike other Caribbean food service establishments we limit ourselves to a very short menu, concentrating on our specialty offerings like Jerk, pork, chicken, fish and vegetables. We have just added the capability of roasting whole animals like pigs, goats and venison. We believe that we are the only PigOut Roaster owner in the greater Austin area. That fact alone will position us in a more competitive light as we expose the Roaster and its efficiency and appearance to more and more folks.

What other pig roast equipment did you consider before buying the Roaster?

We researched several advertised roasters on the Internet and through word-of-mouth. However we not impressed with what I saw. They all had significant weaknesses and most were designed to be used with charcoal as the primary heat source. We never use charcoal as it too messy to manage on our catering assignments. We do ninety percent of our catering by cooking onsite and would rather not deal with management of hot ashes after an event.

Why did you choose the PigOut Roaster?

First and foremost, the finish and physical beauty caught my eye. It also met my most important criteria. Ease of handling and mobility, propane fuel, presentable at all levels of public events. From the reviews I read, I was convinced that it was the Roaster that most suited our requirements. So I took to the road and attended the Catersource New Orleans 2017 event, and as the saying goes, the rest is pleasant history.

What do you enjoy most about catering with the Roaster?

Every one of our guests and customers are so impressed with our Roaster, there is always a crowd at our cook location. It is indeed a wow factor as so many owners have said. So I love to show it off and have actually not used my other expensive grill since I took delivery. We do a lot of onsite at a few vineyards and wineries in the Central Texas Hill country and we just enjoy the conversations and curiosity generated when guests and patrons see our Roaster.

What are your plans for your business in the future?

We will probably purchase another roaster as soon as demand picks up for whole animal roasts and I plan on abandoning my original grill as it is much too unwieldy to lug around. I just love the portability of the roaster and the option of bringing it indoors without offending our guests with unwanted smoke. During the recent heavy rains here in Texas we actually were permitted to cook indoors at an event that would have normally been washed out had we not had the Roaster. pork. I let it steep in the brine until Friday morning.

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