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Highland River Adventures

Highland River Adventures
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Highland River Adventures

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December 04 2015,

Scott Fraser with Highland River Adventure based in Michigan bought his first PigOut Roaster in 2014 and is moving his catering business to Georgia, I recently caught up with him and chatted about his expansion plans, this is what he had to say:

“I spend a lot of time cooking in the entertainment industry for artist, crew members and promoters in various locations without the resource of a kitchen. I use the roaster for everything, from cooking breakfast sausages and eggs, egg plant parmesan, clams, stuffed potatoes, rotisserie chicken and just recently roasted a whole deer. The roaster is absolutely 5 star in my opinion, it’s wonderful, catering eye candy, a one of kind and certainly the very best piece of catering equipment that I have ever owned. The food is always delicious, the ability to use a quality product and the ease of use and versatility are unmatched."

Learn how Highland River Adventure paid for their Roaster in 2 events!

Scott told me how he was able to pay for his roaster in just 2 events over 6 days. The first event was for an artist who asked for suckling pigs to feed artists and promoters over a 3 day event, he charged $1000 per day. The second event was at Adventure Sport Center International (ASKI) - Maryland's Whitewater Rafting Gateway and center for Adventure Tourism also the Olympics Training Grounds where he catered an event for 150 Veterans with pig roast and other side dishes.

"People just love the look of the roaster (catering eye candy) and seeing the food cooking up close. Everybody wants to know where they can buy one for themselves."

Scott commented that he loved the ease of use of the roaster and the service that he has received from PigOut Roasters.

Thank you Scott – I look forward to meeting up with you in Atlanta soon and good luck with your smoking and roasting.

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