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Green Pig Bistro

Green Pig Bistro
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Green Pig Bistro

1025 N Fillmore St, Arlington, VA 22201

703 888 1920

13 November 2013,

Green Pig Bistro can come to you with a full pig roast. They will bring their roaster or smoker to your backyard or any other desired venue. In addition to full pig roasts, they offer lamb and goat roasts, ribs, chicken and brisket. Invite your friends and family and let Green Pig Bistro do the cooking. All you need to do is tell them what you want to roast, grill or smoke, and then choose from three different themes: American, Latin, or Asian.



Learn the reasons
why Green Pig Bistro chose
PigOut Roasters!

What makes your business stand out?

We are the only full service restaurant in the Washington DC Metro area that also offers off-site Pig Roasts

What other pig roast equipment did you consider before buying the Roaster?

We looked at many different versions when we were shopping for pig roast equipment.

Why did you choose the PigOut Roaster?

It's complete simplicity of operation made it stand out. Once it's going, you just have to wait until it's fully cooked. No fire to maintain, and it comes out perfect each time. The guests are thrilled, which makes us very happy.

What do you enjoy most about catering with the Roaster?

The giddiness that people exude, when they arrive at the party and see the pig spinning around. Many remark: "Wow, you weren't kidding when you said you were having a pig roasted right in your back yard!"

What are your plans for your business in the future?

Well we added a smoker too, so we can do two functions at once. Plus the smoker gives a little more of a variety of offerings, so we really have a great variety of parties that we can do off premise. Plus we are planning on adding another brick and mortar location a few blocks away, that will be a bakery and a butchery. This will not only be a retail location, but will also provide product for the restaurant which will make both more profitable.

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