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Ideal for camping, hunting, backyard parties,
tailgating or at the beach!

Made in North America, the sturdy stainless steel pole, prongs and clamps keep your roast secure and looking great.


  • USA Powerful Motor 1/20hp direct drive 2 RPM
  • Heat protective stainless-steel motor cover
  • 150lb capacity
  • 6ft waterproof power cord with on/off switch

Roasting System

  • 1” Diameter, 304 stainless steel 60” Pole
  • 2 Spine Clamps and 2 Four Prong Clamps to hold your pig in place
  • Heavy duty, 1’ American galvanized steel tripod stands
  • Adjustable height (21-36”) powder coated central support


  • Flat Pack for ease of storage and transporting

Enjoy watching your pig roast turn golden brown over a charcoal fire. Powerful 1/20th hp American made direct drive motor is encased in stainless steel to prevent damage from the fire or rain. Strong steel construction and all 16 gauge 304 stainless steel roasting pole and clamps ensure that your roast does not end up in the fire! Use over a BBQ, fire pit or firebox. The adjustable height tripod stand makes allowances for uneven ground and adapts to ensure perfect roasting. Folds flat for ease of storage and transport.

Built strong for the real barbecue enthusiast.

Charcoal Rotisserie Accessories

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