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Get Ready For your Roasting Season - Spring Propane Roaster Maintenance

Get Ready For your Roasting Season - Spring Propane Roaster Maintenance

Things to remember when firing up your Propane Roaster

Warmer temperatures mean summer is on the way. For us Canadians this is a long time coming and is an exciting time because we can finally pull out our roasters, grills, smokers, and actually enjoy cooking. Before using your catering equipment for the first time you should ensure that there is no damage caused from animals eating through electrical cables, gas leaks from perished lines or spiders webs blocking air flow to your burners.


Inside the Roaster

If you stored your roaster outside then giving it a good wash to remove dirt, dust, and critters is crucial. Like with any piece of cooking equipment, ensuring it is clean and safe to use is the most important thing. During this step you should also look for anything out of the ordinary inside the roaster like damage or ware and tare. Doing a once over will prevent any surprises during your first cook.


Outside the Roaster

The next thing you should think about is doing a quick exterior inspection. After a prolonged break things like tires can go flat and hinges/valves can get sticky. The next thing to look at is your ignitors, and gas systems. The easiest way to test both of these systems is by connecting a propane tank and trying to light the unit. If you smell gas or if something is not working correctly, please turn off the gas and contact a certified gas specialist to ensure safe maintenance. Lastly, test your motor by simply plugging it in and flipping the switch. A quick tip on how to extend the life of your motor is to remove it from the roaster and storing it somewhere dry and cool over the winter. This will prevent damage from the elements and animals.


Act Quickly

If you need parts, give us a call, or visit our new online shop. We have everything in stock and can be shipped out the same day. This ensures you to be ready for the first cookout. There is nothing worse than showing up to an event and only then realising you missed something. Don’t forget, we ship globally so you are never too far to get prepared for this upcoming season. Pre-emptively ordering parts now is a great way to reduce down-time and thus lost profits. Please note that at this time some parts are not listed on our website so please give us a call and we will help you out. Our contact info will be at the bottom of this page. 


Need Parts? We have you Covered!

As I mentioned above you can either call or visit us online for all products and parts.

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