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Propane Roaster for pork industry professionals

Propane Roaster for pork industry professionals

A PigOut Propane Roaster is a way to exapand your business and create a new reveneue stream easily. In this short blog you will discover how a roaster will help you generate profits from home and why Pigout is the pinnical of rotisseries/roasters.



Make Money Easily:

A PigOut Propane Roaster can generate profits easily. This is because of the fact the roaster is easy to use and fast. Having another income stream has never been easier and especially considering that you can provide the pork. This creates larger margins for you, putting more cash in your pocket. You may not have any experience in the rental space, but we will guide and help you through that whole process. Our rental forms will help you with costing and catering to your customers. Not just this, but we also have all the required how-to videos to ensure you are supported along the way.

Perfect for Personal Parties:

Small backyard gatherings or larger events like weddings is exactly what the Propane Roaster is designed for. Accessories like rotisserie baskets, rib racks, and grill racks will allow you to cook anything. Along with that, the roaster is a perfect mobile rotisserie oven that can cook anywhere.


Renting out the roasters itself:

Solely renting it the propane roaster is potentially the easiest side-hussle as you do not have to worry about providing meat. We can also include roaster rental forms that will guide you when first starting out and help you succeed. These rentals forms can ensure everything is taken care of, including clean up. Cleaning the roaster involves about 20 minutes, dish soap, elbow grease, and a hose. It really is as easy as that and with regualal cleaning, the roaster will be looking basically new for years. 


Built tough and Reliable:

The PigOut Propane Roaster is built to last. All North American materials, components, and manufacturing means no shortcuts have been made. We are so confident that this roaster will last a lifetime that we also include a lifetime warranty on the roaster body and burners with an additional 2 year warranty on the motor.


Looks cool:

Lastly, this pig roaster just looks cool. A sleek and modern design makes a pleaser for all. Features like windows in the doors add practicality improved design. Built like a tank while still being lightweight and easily maneuverable means it will always look professional.  Specifically when the pig is in the 'carving position', it is front and center. No other machine creates this kind of wow factor and this makes a PigOut Roaster special. 

In A Box

Are you looking to start a BBQ catering business? Let us help you: unique roasting system, sales and operational support with free training. Work at something you love.