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PigOut Propane Roaster - The 9th hole essential

PigOut Propane Roaster - The 9th hole essential

PigOut Propane Roaster – The 9th hole essential


If you’re an avid golfer, then you know what finishing the ninth hole means. Two things happen, the first is making a trip to the bathroom and the second is visiting the snack shack. However, there is one problem with this. Every course seems to be the same when it comes to their food selection. Its always chips, nuts, or a selection of refrigerated sandwiches. I just find that to be a little boring and if you were paying top dollar at a prestigious course, you would expect something a little tastier and fresher.


In this day and age where everyone is trying to achieve some sort of competitive advantage you need find new ways to wow your members. Even if it may seem small it will account to something in the end. A PigOut Propane Roaster is what your course needs to achieve a level of differentiation that cannot be matched. Pig Roasts leave a wow factor and as a result will leave a lasting impression. This impression will convert to higher levels of satisfaction and thus club loyalty which is imperative for growth, status, and reputation.


On tournament days or men’s/women’s nights when its more about fun and member enjoyment a pig roast would be a great addition. It could even increase the turn out as for some members it is something to look forward to. Overall, the main reason you would add a Propane Roaster is to show your members something new that will WOW them. Member satisfaction is directly linked to positive experiences, so creating new and original experiences is how you innovate and keep people engaged. Displaying and cooking directly in front of you members is not a perspective often seen, and with our Propane Roaster, you are able to provide this. It is a specticle everytime you see one and that is coming from me, someone that regularely sees roasts. So imagine what your members will think between the 9th and 10th hole. 


Our Propane Roaster can go anywhere as it can easily be loaded on to a trailer, has four 10” tires, a lightweight body and frame, and a wagon handle to make transport hassle free. Whether you are cooking on gravel, grass, sand, or pavement you will easily transport the roaster every time. It takes about half the time to cook as a conventional roaster meaning it is cheaper and easier to operate as you don’t have to deal with charcoal. You can roast a 100lb pig in 5 hours which would make upwards of 120 portions. Please know that your chefs are not limited to only cooking pork. Everything from chickens, turkey, striploins, hips of beef, and fish are all possibilities with our easy to use and high-quality accessories. We always say, if you can fit it then you can roast it.


Another thing to consider is on tournament days when members bring family and friends you may need to relieve and help the main kitchen. Our Propane Roaster can help supplement the increased demand. Additionally, our Propane Roaster is smoke free which means you can leave it on the patio and cook right in front of your guests, thus enhancing their experience. Its high capacity and ability to be moved into any location will satisfy the needs of your kitchen while providing the best possible experience for your members. It also enables new specials to be served to make your menu new fresh.


To conclude, the experience and WOW factor is a crucial consideration to attract new members and retain existing ones. Innovating and trying new things is required for success and with a PigOut Propane Roaster this is possible. There is no better way to make someone’s day than with a great meal so why not give it a shot (pun intented) and WOW them while you’re at it.


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