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Pig Roasting Over Open Coals Versus in a Propane Roaster

Pig Roasting Over Open Coals Versus in a Propane Roaster
Pig Roasting Over Open Coals Versus in a Propane Roaster

Before deciding which system you wish to use you may want to consider the differences: Roasting over open coals can take twice as long as it does inside a propane roaster and you will need to be on hand to top up your fire with pre-heated coals ever hour to ensure that you get even cooking and crispy skin.

Charcoal Rotisserie

You will need to set up out of the wind as this will cause the charcoal to burn out much quicker and will drive smoke your way. If it is cold and windy you will need to greatly increase your cooking times and ensure that the pig is rotating close to the coals. You’ll need to have a place ready to put your pig once roasting is complete to carve it up. You can BBQ foods on the grill racks over the coals once roasting is complete, great for steaks and burgers. If you don’t mind when you eat this method looks great.

Propane Roaster

PigOut Propane roasters are fully automated and smoke free so can set it up anywhere to roast, the pneumatic tires make it easy to move to a carving location once cooked; even indoors. You can see your roast cooking through the glass panel door and still get to enjoy the aromas. The roaster becomes the carving station with the pig held at a perfect height for easy carving and the meat stays hot on the carving plate for a spectacular looking hog roast.

How Long Does It Take To Cook A Pig Roast

The time it takes will vary depending upon the outside temperature and the shape and size of your pig. Just like people some pigs are long and thinner and some short and fatter taking longer to roast.

Size of Pig

40 lb

60 lb

80 lb

120 lb


Charcoal Rotisserie

4 – 5 hours

6 – 7 hours

8 – 10 hours

12 – 14 hours

Most of the day and night!

Enclosed Propane Roaster

3 hours

3 – 4 hours

4 – 5 hours

6 – 7 hours

8 – 9 hours

If you are looking for information on how long to cook other proteins on your Propane Roaster and Outdoor Cooking Center or Ultimate Charcoal Rotisserie feel free to contact us and we will be happy to talk BBQ with you! 

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