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How to Boost Foodservice Businesses of all Sizes

How to Boost Foodservice Businesses of all Sizes

    Earlier this week it was Canada Day which is an excuse for millions to eat out. All food service businesses would have been busy which means long lines and wait times for customers. The PigOut Roasters team travelled to The Irish Harp Pub in Niagara-On-The-Lake on Canada Day to ensure all meals were perfect.

    You may be wondering. Why would we (an established roaster manufacturer) travel to an established restaurant? Wouldn’t we take business away from The Irish Harp? I understand those are reasonable questions. However, there are excellent reasons to do this that benefit both parties.


    On busy days like Canada Day or Memorial Day, most restaurants get slammed with hungry customers, so you run into the issues like long wait times. The solution is simple. Hiring an external food service business with a Propane Roaster will relieve the kitchen from a backlog of orders while also doing something different. How many times have you gone to a restaurant and there was a pig roast on the patio? Never? Once? Maybe twice? Now tell me how many times you have eaten at a restaurant. My point is that it’s a novelty that is cool whether you eat the meat or not. Not only does it WOW your guests, but it also produces the freshest pork possible. With so many restaurants it is difficult to be vastly different. A pig roast on your back patio will create the differentiation your business is looking for.

This will benefit everyone,

  • Customer & Restaurant: Reduced wait times mean a faster turnover, thus having increased revenues. Customers will not get upset because food is taking too long to arrive.
  • Customer: More variety than what the restaurant may typically offer
  • Restaurant: A wow factor that guests won’t forget. Your restaurant will stick with them.

     Our Propane Roaster is the addition your food service business has been longing for. Wheather you partner with someone or acquire your own roaster, you will instantly have the edge on your competitors. Check out your future roaster by clicking the link below.  

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