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Sub Zero Roasting

The sudden cold weather in Eastern Canada has prompted calls asking if you can roast a pig in the PigOut Roaster in sub zero temperatures. So here is what you need to know: The enemy to the roasters ability to maintain roasting temperatures is the wind, just like us humans wind makes us cold, therefore always position your roaster in a sheltered spot and allow a little extra time for cooking. Even at temperatures of 5 degrees your propane cylinder can ice up, if this happens the propane inside contracts and does not feed the burners with sufficient gasses to keep the flames at desired cooking temperatures, therefore, ensure that your tank is up off the floor and wrap in a blanket. If the tank freezes up swap it out with another one. Low gas level tanks will be more affected by colder temperatures.

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How to cook breakfast on the PigOut Roaster

Use 2 water pans in the roaster to make sure that you capture as much heat as possible. Insert BBQ racks with cast iron griddles over the other 2 spaces. 1 water pan could be used as a hot hold for items you are just warming or to hold items when cooked. Use the 2nd water pan with an insert to make scrambled eggs.

Scrambled eggs:
Spray with non stick cooking spray and add your beaten eggs. Close the lid and wait till the eggs start to coagulate. When the liquid eggs begin to start resembling scrambled, mix thoroughly every 5 mins until the desired texture is reached. Doing it this way you can make scrambled eggs for a large group.

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Pig Roaster Comparison

Summery Of Benefits: Visual appeal, PigOut Wins hands down. Gleaming heavy-duty stainless steel and glass panels to watch the roast. Fuel efficent burners save money and carry a lifetime warranty. PigOut Roaster is the only model where the chef can carve from the roaster directly in front of your guests with no need to decant the pig to a table. The crackling skin is debatably the best part, crispy and delicous and the meat remains juicy and succulent. A PigOut roasted pig is by far the most visualy appealing. The pig is served whole and great looking when cooked and doesn’t resemble road kill like with other methods

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The PigOut Roaster was developed to help Caterers make money; attracting customers, taking away many of the hassles of event catering and allowing BBQ enthusiasts to WOW their friends.



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