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Expert Pig Roasting Tips

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At the end of cooking ensure that you have a high heat to obtain fabulous crispy skin. Cooking for too long over a low heat can cause all of the fat to render away from under the skin and you will be left with hard, tough skin, you need some of the fat to remain for the skin to be juicy and crisp for a perfect pig roast. Before serving use a temperature probe and check that the thickest parts of the meat, the shoulder and hip, have reached 72 Degrees C.

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When cooking your pig over a charcoal fire or propane barbecue using a Rotisserie, the constant turning will allow the juices under the skin to melt. This effectively self bastes your roast while the rotisserie action prevents over cooking of the pig. Shelter your roast from the wind as this will prolong cooking times. If you are roasting in an enclosed propane roaster you can cook up to 20lb per hour. With on open charcoal rotisserie you will need to allow at least 1 hour per 10lb of meat and you will need to have pre heated coals ready for topping up constantly.


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