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Why PigOut Roasters-Ultimate Charcoal Rotisserie

Why PigOut Roasters-Ultimate Charcoal Rotisserie

Why PigOut Roasters-Ultimate Charcoal Rotisserie


We provide two offerings that cover the entire roasting market. Whether you are a chef, food service business owner, backyard grill master, or anything in between we have a solution for you. We offer a conventional Charcoal Rotisserie and a high-capacity, versatile Propane Roaster. I will be going over the capabilities of the Ultiamte Charcoal Rotisserie, who it's for, and why purchasing a PigOut product is more than just an easy way of creating amazing meals.

Ultimate Charcoal Rotisserie

           Our Ultimate Charcoal Rotisserie brings ease of use to a 5,000-year-old tradition. Since the bronze age, pig roasters have come a long way and have become easier to use and are consistent. With modern technology, the entire process has been simplified to where someone with no experience can execute a perfect roast every time. Our Ultimate Charcoal Rotisserie brings this ease of use and consistency to your backyard, campground, or tailgate.

Who is it for: 

           That brings me to who our Ultimate Charcoal Rotisserie is for. Mainly for personal use and for those that enjoy the roasting process. Those that are not afraid of putting in some work to create a fantastic meal. You can use your fuel of choice whether you want charcoal or wood. You may be budget conscious and so this is an easier way to get into roasting without having to purchase a professional machine. You could be a newcomer to roasting and don’t see the need for a commercial-grade roaster. Besides the fact that is more expensive, a commercial grad roaster is larger and can be too much for a beginner. Overall, the Ultimate Charcoal Rotisserie is for the at-home enthusiast.


The Ultimate Charcoal Rotisserie is a cost-effective way of roasting at $955 USD or $1225 CAD. Before you lose your mind and turn into a keyboard warrior for saying that $955 is not cost-effective, you need to understand that we only use high-quality materials and components. So, if you do not care about quality, longevity, or value then our product is not for you. Extreme versatility allows the possibilities to be endless as you will receive all the clamps necessary to cook a pig, lamb, turkey, chicken, and vegetables (we created the world’s largest kabob: click HERE to watch the video). Since it can be folded and dismantled you are not limited to where your roast will take place. In short, the Ultimate Charcoal Rotisserie can cook anything, be used anywhere, and is built to last a lifetime. If you are looking for a budget friendly, value-packed roaster, then our Ultimate Charcoal Rotisserie is for you.


           Our compact rotisserie is remarkable when it comes to its capabilities. With 7 levels of height adjustments, picking the height at which you will roast is effortless. As I mentioned above you can cook nearly anything on the roaster and with a 150lb weight capacity you can feed hundreds of people. Even though this roaster meant for casual at-home use you still have the ability to feed your entire street. You are able to mix accessories such as our Rotisserie Basket Set. This allows for 40 chickens, 4 suckling pigs, vegtables, beef, and anything else you can fit inside. Our Charcoal Rotisserie is fitting with a 1/20 2rpm motor which is totally overkill but that ensures reliability for each cook. Since it turns at 2 rpm you can practically set it and forget it. It will turn by itsellf cooking all sides consistently throughout the duration of your cook. 

The PigOut Advantage

When you purchase a PigOut product it means you have access to 16 years of roaster manufacturing experience along with 30+ years of restaurant experience. Potential questions you may have with our roaster include,

  • How do I assemble the roaster?
  • How do I clean the roaster?
  • This stopped working… how do I fix it?
  • What is the cooking time for ____
  • How do I use the roaster?
  • _____ started to happen, how do I fix it?

These are some of the most common questions and luckily for you, we know our products inside and out and have encountered nearly every problem or question imaginable. This allows us to help you quickly and effectively, allowing you to spend more time cooking. To sum it up, when you purchase a PigOut product you are buying into the companies knowledge and experience along with the greatest outdoor cooking center available.  

In A Box

Are you looking to start a BBQ catering business? Let us help you: unique roasting system, sales and operational support with free training. Work at something you love.